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The word Soroptimist is coined from the Latin words soror and optima and loosely translated is "Best for Women".


Soroptimist International strives to be a global voice for women through awareness, advocacy and action with almost 100,000 members in nearly 200 countries.  The organization, which was founded in 1921 in Oakland, California, is committed to serving local, national and international communities and in participating actively in decision making at all levels of society.


You will see Soroptimist of Medford members helping your community in a variety of different ways throughout the year. Many of you have probably attended the annual Holiday Home Tour which benefits many local agencies. This year's proceeds from the Pear Blossom Baby Contest will be distributed to the Family Nurturing Center.


The gift of Soroptimist membership provide a variety of benefits including personal fulfillment, friends all over the w14orld, networking, leadership development and an avenue to serve as a mentor reaching out to women at the beginning of their professional lives.    


If you are a person who wishes to provide volunteer service in a atmosphere of support, friendship and fun, then joining Soroptimist may be right for you.





Members of SI/Medford, OR, thank you! We know how hard you work to generate funds for programs that benefit women and girls. We are so grateful and honored you have elected to contribute a portion of those locally raised funds to Soroptimist’s global programming. Your gift  is going to travel the world to change the life of a woman or girl who might speak a different language, but still is in equal need of help.  

A woman like Sandra, from Bolivia. The $15,000 she received in Live Your Dream Awards funding and the education and stability it made possible, thanks to clubs like SI of Medford, OR, once felt very far away.

Sandra was sent to live with her Uncle when she was six, after her father died and her mother became overwhelmed. There, she was beaten and food was withheld. Eventually she made her way back to her mother, who had taken on a new boyfriend. This man attempted to rape her multiple times, and his son succeeded. When Sandra’s mother learned of this, she kicked Sandra out of her home. Sandra grew older and met a seemingly kind man, who over time became violent, a drunk, and unfaithful. Sandra divorced him, and following this, one of her sons committed suicide.

Sandra has had a horrific life. What she dreamt of more than anything else in the world was normalcy. By contributing to Club Giving, you and your fellow members made dreams come true for women like Sandra, who is now on her way to graduating high school and becoming a chef so she can better provide a reliable income for her family. Thank you. 


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